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1. Table of Contents
2. Introduction
3. Using the CV3 Product Import
   I. Overview
   II. Available Fields
4. Appendices
   I. Example Import
   II. Example Inventory Only Import


The CommerceV3 Product Import allows users to, in its most basic usage, import an entire inventory at store creation time and, in its most advanced usage, maintain inventory via a single spreadsheet that can be used to create and update products in the online store.



Uploaded import files are pipe- or tab-delimited files that contain product, sub-product and attribute data. The file can include any of the possible fields in any order you would like. The only limitations are that the SKU must be present for product lines, the SKU and ParentSKU must be present for sub-product lines and ParentSKU, IsAttribute and Attribute1 - Attribute* (* = the number of attributes you have for that product) must be present in attribute lines. These fields are used as the keys when updating and linking your products. Other than that you can include as many of the fields as you would like to update.

The first line of the import file is the header line. In the header line you will define which fields you will be using. Remember, they can be in any order you would like. The remaining lines will contain product data with the information corresponding to the fields you defined in the header line. The only limitation here is that sub-products and attributes need to fall below its parent product. See below for examples.

    • Note: The product import can not be used to delete existing products. When updating existing products, you can include only those SKUs you wish to update in your file. Any SKUs not included in the file will be left untouched.


SKU                               | required in Product and Sub-Product lines
IsRetail                          | "TRUE","FALSE"  Note: IsRetail defaults to TRUE if RetailPrice is set
RetailPrice*                      | Products can have multiple price categories.  * represents the value linking the 
RetailPriceCat*                   | price, price category and special price and should be incremental numbers.
IsWholesale                       | "TRUE","FALSE" Note: IsWholesale defaults to TRUE if WholesalePrice is set
ProdStatus                        | "In Stock","Out of Stock","Backordered","Discontinued","Call to Order"
VendorID                          | the ID of the drop-shipper for the product
ProductURLName                    | must be unique. Numbers are allowed but there must be at least one non-numeric character.
SpecialPrice*                     | * represents the value linking price, price category and special price
IsSpecialOngoing                  | "TRUE","FALSE"
SpecialStart                      | format: mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm
SpecialEnd                        | format: mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm
BackorderedDate                   | format: mm-dd-yyyy
IgnoreBackorder                   | "TRUE","FALSE" 
MinimumQuantity                   | 
MaximumQuantity                   | 
QuantityInSet                     | 
NumIterationsDisplayed            | 
AllowFractionalQty                | "TRUE","FALSE"
DisplayWeight                     | uses 'unit' field two lines below
ActualWeight                      | lbs
Unit                              | "none","each","tsps","tbs","cps","oz","pts","qts","ml","l","lbs","dz","pr","gal","sheet"
ImageSetThumb*                    | Products can have multiple image sets.  * represents the value linking the thumbnail, large,
ImageSetLarge*                    | and popup, type, and title for each image set. NOTE: This does NOT upload images.  These are
ImageSetPopup*                    | links only. The images must already exist on an external server or in your store.
ImageSetType*                     | "product", "color_swatch", or "attribute"
ImageSetAttributeName*            | The name of the product attribute the image should be paired with.
                                  | Format: Attribute1,Attribute2,Attribute3,Attribute4
                                  | Examples: XL,Red or *,Red or XL,x
                                  | * - This is a wildcard for 'Any'.  Any size in the color 'Red' will show the 'Red' image.
                                  | x - This is means 'Stop'.  Any sub-attribute selected will default to the 'XL' image.
ImageSetTitle*                    | 
ImageSetEditType                  | "overwrite","append"  choose to overwrite current image sets or append to the end of the list.  The default is "overwrite".
IsInactive                        | "TRUE","FALSE"
IsOutOfSeason                     | "TRUE","FALSE"
IsTaxExempt                       | "TRUE","FALSE"
HasTextField                      | "TRUE","FALSE"
IsHidden                          | "TRUE","FALSE"
IsFeatured                        | "TRUE","FALSE"
IsNew                             | "TRUE","FALSE"    
IsGoogleCheckoutExempt            | "TRUE","FALSE"
IsComparable                      | "TRUE","FALSE"
IsContentOnly                     | "TRUE","FALSE"  
IsInventoryExempt                 | "TRUE","FALSE" 
IsRecurringEligible               | "TRUE","FALSE" 
IsSubscription                    | "TRUE","FALSE" *DEPRECATED
IsDonation                        | "TRUE","FALSE"
SubscriptionPrice                 | *DEPRECATED            
HasElectronicDelivery             | "TRUE","FALSE"    
ElectronicDeliveryLink*           | products can have multiple electronic delivery documents
ElectronicDeliveryDaysAvailable*  | * represents the value linking the Link, DaysAvailable and Description
ElectronicDeliveryDescription*    |
ElectronicDeliveryEditType        | "append","overwrite"  choose to overwrite current electronic delivery links or append new ones.  The default is "append".
IsKit                             | "TRUE","FALSE"
KitProductSKUs                    | comma separated list of SKUs
ShipPreference                    | "tables","fixed","both","by shipper"
ByShipperMethod*                  | The ship method you wish to set custom preferences for.  Must match an existing method in your store. 
ByShipperPreference*              | "tables","fixed","both" - Applies to the method denoted in ByShipperMethod*. 
ByShipperFixedShipping*           | Amount of fixed shipping to be used with the "fixed" or "both" ByShipperPreference*. 
ShipsInOwnBox                     | "TRUE","FALSE"
PackageLength                     | in inches 
PackageWidth                      | in inches
PackageHeight                     | in inches
RequiresFreight                   | "TRUE","FALSE"
FreightPackagingType              | 3 character code
FreightHandlingType               | 3 character code
IsGiftCertificate                 | "TRUE","FALSE
CategoryIDs                       | comma separated list of category IDs  **REQUIRED if you have DefaultCategoryID in file**  Unlike other fields, if you leave this header present and the field contents are blank, it does NOT unassign the product from categories.
DefaultCategoryID                 | ID of the category you wish to use as the default for the product.  **MUST ALSO INCLUDE CategoryIDs if using this**
Custom*                           | * is any number between 1 and 35
DependencySKUs                    | comma separated list of SKUs
DependencyType                    | "AND","OR"
AdditionalProdSKUs                | comma separated list of SKUs
RelatedProdSKUs                   | comma separated list of SKUs
GiftWrap                          | "TRUE","FALSE" 
GiftWrapName                      |       
GiftWrapSKU                       |       
GiftWrapAmount                    |  
CategoryFilter*                   | products can have multiple category filters and values (no "/" allowed)
CategoryFilterValue*              | * represents the value linking the filter with the value
CategoryFilterSortValue*          | 
ParentSKU                         | required for sub-product and attribute lines
ChildImage                        | URI (relative or full) for an image to be used for the child product this line is associated with
IsRewardsEligible                 | "TRUE","FALSE"
SubProductAttributes              | comma separated list of attributes
IsAttribute                       | "TRUE","FALSE"  - required for attribute lines
AttributeTitle1                   | attribute titles are set in the parent product line
Attribute1                        |
Attribute2                        | Required to update attribute
Attribute3                        | information
Attribute4                        |
Attribute1Code                    | 
Attribute2Code                    | 
Attribute3Code                    | 
Attribute4Code                    | 
AttributePrice*                   | Attributes can have multiple price categories.  * represents the value linking the
AttributePriceCat*                | price, price category and special price and should be incremental numbers.
AttributeSpecialPrice*            | * represents the value linking price, price category and special price
IsAttributeSpecialOngoing         | "TRUE","FALSE"
AttributeSpecialStart             | format: mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm
AttributeSpecialEnd               | format: mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm
AttributeBackorderedDate          | Format: mm-dd-yyyy 
AttributeIgnoreBackorder          | "TRUE","FALSE" 
IsAttributeInactive               | "TRUE","FALSE"        Note:this field will be ignored if AttributeStatus exists 
AttributeStatus                   | "active", "inactive", "deleted", "discontinued", "out of stock"
IsAttributeGiftCertificate        | "TRUE","FALSE"
IsAttributeSubscription           | "TRUE","FALSE" *DEPRECATED
AttributeSubscriptionPrice        | *DEPRECATED
IsAttributeDonation               | "TRUE","FALSE"
AttributeShipWeight               | lbs
AttributeCustomField*             | * represents value 1-3 linking attribute custom field with its value
AttributeCustomField*Value        | * represents value 1-3 linking attribute custom field with its value

4. Appendices

4.I Example Import

This is an example import file that includes all available fields as well as all product types.
Download Example Import
Here is a breakdown:

Line 1: Header Line
Line 2: Regular Product (no sub-products or attributes)
Line 3: Product Containing Sub-Products
Line 4: Sub-Product 1 for Product in Line 3
Line 5: Sub-Product 2 for Product in Line 3
Line 6: Sub-Product 3 for Product in Line 3
Line 7: Products Containing Attributes
Line 8: Attribute 1 for Product in Line 7
Line 9: Attribute 2 for Product in Line 7
Line 10: Attribute 3 for Product in Line 7
Line 11: Product with Electronic Delivery

4.II Example Inventory Only Import

This is an example import file that only updates inventory counts.
Download Inventory Only Example Import

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