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1. Table of Contents
2. Introduction
3. Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
4. Using the Service


The public web service allows users to interface directly with the CommerceV3 software, bypassing the web's admin interface. The web service currently supports a wide range of services:

  • Product Imports/Exports
  • Product Pricing Imports/Exports
  • Category Imports/Exports
  • Discount Table Imports/Exports
  • Catalog Request Exports
  • Shipping Table Imports/Exports
  • Customer Group Imports/Exports
  • Customer Information Imports/Exports
  • Order Exports and Status/Tracking Updates
  • E-mail Blast Report Exports

3. Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

SOAP is a widely-documented standard for web service access and is the protocol for CommerceV3's public web service. SOAP is a protocol over HTTP utilizing XML. Most widely-used languages have SOAP libraries that make implementing a SOAP client very easy. PHP's support for SOAP, for instance, makes creating a client nearly trivial. Here is a list of some useful SOAP resources*:

W3C's official SOAP specification:
W3C's SOAP tutorial:     
  • Use these resources at your own risk.

4. Using the Service

The CommerceV3 web service receives a SOAP-encapsulated base-64-encoded block of XML containing the web service request and returns a base-64-encoded block of XML in reply. This XML must be well-formed and must be valid against the web service schema, which can be found at or SOAP Service Schema - Version 2. You can view the WSDL at

A service ID (required by the <request> element) is required and can be found in the CV3 admin in Settings->Options->General Store Options and Information. In addition to the service ID, the store's username and password must accompany every request to the web service. Some replies from the web service require a confirmation reply in order for the transaction to be completed (e.g., for the orders' "pending" status to be removed after download).

Once you have reviewed the documentation, you can see SOAP Service Examples to get you started.

Please contact with questions regarding this document.

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